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What services do you offer and what are your rates?



Daily Dog Boarding

Multiple Dog Discount: $5 off per day on each dog after the first.

boarding $28.00
Daily Cat Boarding

Multiple Cat Discount: $2 off per day on each cat after the first.

cat boarding $17.00

Puppy Care/Special Needs Package

Our Puppy Care Program includes 2 Potty Walks per day and 2 activities of owner's choice. Benefit: handling throughout the day is great for socialization!

Special Needs Dog care $20.00

Senior Care Package

Our Senior Care Program includes 3 Potty Walks per day and one activity of owner's choice. Benefit: keeping older dogs active, structured activity reduces stress.

senior care $17.00

VIP Package

A Choice of any 3 activities Daily (Nature Walk, Play Yard, Brush & Hug , Romp & Rassle or Snack & Snuggle).

VIP $19.00
Doggie Daycare, Full Day

Daily daycare includes one activity.
Any additional dogs will be charged at $23.00 per day.

dog day care $27.00
Doggie Daycare, Half Day

This service allows for a short 4-hour stay which includes one activity.

half day day care $14.00
Nature Walk

Dog is walked on a leash by a Certified Pet Care Technician on a gravel trail through the woods.

nature walk $7.00
Brush & Hug (Available for Dogs & Cats)

Your pet is held, spoken to quietly and brushed gently by a Certified Pet Care Tech. Highly recommended for the pet who loves being fussed over. (15 minutes)

brush and hugs $7.00
Snack & Snuggle

Frosty Paws ice cream snack for your pet while being held & spoken to quietly by a Certified Pet Care Technician. (15 minutes)

snack and snuggle dog care $7.00
Mouse Hunt

(Available for Cats only) Your kitty is played with and tempted with mouse toys by a Certified Pet Care Technician. (15 minutes)

cat boarding $7.00
Play Yard

Play time with other dogs of similar size and temperament in a large fenced area. Recommended for dogs who love to play with other dogs. (30 min., min.)

Play Yard $7.00
Romp & Rassle

Ball and Frisbee playtime with a Certified Pet Care Technician. Highly recommended for the athletic, active dog. (15 minutes)

Romp and Rassle $7.00
Potty Walk

Your dog is walked around an open grassy area on leash for as long as necessary. Recommended for dogs who will not potty on concrete.

potty walk $4.00
Medications (Price per dose)

If your pet needs medication administered, our Certified Pet Care Technicians will give them what they need.

medications $1.00
Injections (Price per injection)

If your dog requires an injection such as insulin, our Certified Pet Care Technicians will give them what they need.

injections $3.00
Pickup & Delivery

By appointment, our staff can pickup and deliver your pet to your home or airport. Price is quoted per hour.

pick up and delivery $50.00

Starting at $25.00, prices will vary depending on the breed. Ask for a quote. A bath includes trimming nails and cleaning ears. We do not bathe cats.

bathing $25.00
Nail Trimming   $10.00

Prices Updated June 26, 2017. Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice.

How do you charge for boarding?

All pet guests will be charged for the arrival day of boarding regardless of drop off time. If your pet is picked up by 12 noon on the day of departure, you will not be charged for that days boarding. Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice.

How large are the animal runs and can more than one dog share a run?

Yes, you can have two dogs share a run. Choose the size depending on your needs.
Large 20’x 4’ outside, 5’x 4’ inside
Medium 20’x 3.5’ outside, 5’x 3.5’ inside
Small 12’x 2.5’ outside, 5’ x 2.5 inside

Do I need to sign a contract when I board?

Yes! If you would like to download a copy, please do!

How many activities can I choose a day?

You can have your pet participate in as many activities as you would like! Each activity is $7.00. If you choose three activities per day there is a $2.00 discount per day. Select from list of packages, above.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, checks, debit cards,Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. Payment is made at the time of pet pickup.

What happens if my pet gets sick or is injured?

After accessing the situation, we will try to reach you or your emergency contact. If we are unable to make contact, we will call your veterinarian to decide if your pet requires treatment. If your veterinarian clinic is closed, we will take your pet to an emergency clinic.

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Hours: 7:30 am -7:30 pm, Daily
CLOSED Thanksgiving & Christmas

Checkout time is 12 pm (noon) checkout
to avoid being charged for that day.

Tail Wag-Inn
20999 Hwy 99W, Dundee, OR, 97115

Mailing address: P.O. Box 428,
Dundee, OR 97115
Phone: 503-554-9000
Fax: 503-554-1542

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Like a hotel for your pet!
June 18th, 2008

It was our first time boarding at a kennel, and we were hesitant about leaving our dog with someone we didn't know. This kennel was very welcoming and friendly on all accounts.

Our little mixed breed pooch Cleo was very well cared for during her four night stay with them. All of the staff fell in love with her (it's not hard to do!) and we felt quite comfortable with leaving her in their care.

They are quite a bit of a drive from where we live in Portland, but well worth it!




Awesome Boarding!
April 10,2008

I've just started bringing my dog here, and I LOVE it. All the people seem very nice and take time to work with my dog. She is a little nervous and unsure of people, but they have treated her very kindly and always take her for walks.

Finally, someone who knows what they're doing!!

Very nice people, helpful and I trust them





Great Boarding Kennel
November 11, 2008

We have boarded our dogs here for several years, and will continue to do so. They provide excellent care, and obviously love all the animals that come through their door.





Dogs love to play at Tail Wag In

Our park-like setting provides lots of play time for your pet!

For dogs who love to play with other dogs, we will put dogs of similar size and temperament together in a large fenced areas which is great for socialization.





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